Double M combines specialty equipment and skilled project staff with 23 years of contracting and project management experience. We will make sure your project goes well from start to finish.

  Project Services Provided


  • Pre-construction assistance with technical input to your design
  • Prepare designs and complete designs
  • Prepare budgets for project feasibility

Project Management

  • Manage daily construction activities
  • Prepare and monitor all schedules, including critical path
  • Provide current project costing and budget comparisons
  • Ensure project changes are tracked and managed


  • Complete project to specifications
  • Manage all resources (Double M staff, equipment, subcontractors, etc.)

  Areas of Expertise

Double M is able to satisfy all your environmental and civil contracting needs.


  • Construction of new roads, including required structures
  • Upgrading of streets while maintaining traffic flows
  • Installation of underground utilities

General Earthworks

  • Excavation of drainage channels and detention ponds
  • Rehab of environmentally sensitive areas
  • Expansion of landfills

Environmental Controls


Sewers (Large & Small)