Langley Instream Works Package



Langley Instream Works Package


The project related to drainage improvements at four different locations during Fisheries windows. Enhancement of fishery habitats also formed a significant part of the projects.

1. Work Area 1 - 5500 Block of 248th street
Remove and reinstate section of existing 1500mm culvert, construct lock block headwalls

2. Work Area 2 - 24900 Block of 72nd Avenue
Supply and install 1200mm concrete miter bend, headwall

3. Work Area 3 - 6600 Block of 264 the Street
Removal and reinstatement of existing 2400 x 2400 mm concrete box culvert, and construction of lock block headwalls.

4. Work Area 4 - 240th Street near 72nd Ave
Improvements to local ditch and various size culvert installation.






Township of Langley

Refer to

Elizabeth Lehigh, C.P.P. (604-532-7379)


Earth Tech (Canada) Inc.

Refer to

Scott Neuman, P.Eng. (604-298-6181)

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