The Cedar Valley Connector



Cedar Valley Connector, including Highway 7 / Highway 11 Intersection Improvement


The project involved construction of a new section of four lane road, extending from 7th Avenue to the intersection with Highway 7. Extensive excavation was required through the site (cut and fill) including construction of large MSE walls system at various locations. A new open bottom arch culvert was constructed at Horn Creek along with upgrades and installation of a storm system. The project also included a major habitat compensation as well as habitat improvements at various locations throughout the District of Mission.

Additionally, the scope of Work included improvements to the intersection of the new Cedar Valley Conector and Highway 7, including widening and re-alignment of the median and center line.






District of Mission

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David Tyler, P.Eng. (604-820-3798)


Infrastructure Systems Ltd.

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Ed Kolla, P.Eng. (604-530-2288)

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